The Jelly Drop Kids

25 Jan

It’s official.  We had our first class on Friday and the kids were SO SO excited.  I laid out the curriculum which is basically the 4 Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  We started by naming the Company  and after many bizarre and unusual ideas like “Trainwreck” which I highly cautioned against, they voted and decided on the Jelly Drop Kids.  (Amazingly, the talented Scamper agreed to work on a logo for them so that they are totally official.  yay!)  They got started creating their PRODUCT – coloring book pages, drawn with black marker on white pages.  Their imaginations are truly remarkable.  No just dogs or bunnies.  Fiona (my daughter) drew a bird carrying a fish in the sky.  The water from the fish is dropping down onto a cliff where the water is pooled in a bowl where a coyote drinks the same water.  as he drinks, the water cascades over the cliff down into a river where bears are frolicking.  go figure.  In any case, it should be great.  I have discovered, where we can upload our book and set up a storefront where people can order, as desired. prints the books on demand and ships them to buyers and we can have the profit flow straight to the school’s Paypal account so that they get all the proceeds.  Well, almost all the proceeds.  The kids argued convincingly that they deserve a great LAUNCH PARTY when its all live.  Let me know if you want me to reserve you tickets!

UPDATE:  We are on  Oh yeah 🙂


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